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This attracted me instantly. Perhaps because I have a collection of skulls in my room, not real of course, but pretty nice ones, of var...

It's been a long time since I've left a review for any art work, so I almost forgot how to do, but when I saw this piece...I really wan...

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A taste of Yuri Plisetsky [Victor N. x Yuri P.]
When Nikiforov opened his eyes it was already midday. Rays of sun peaked from the shutters, giving the room a mysterious retro glow. Birds were chirping outside the window and everything would have been perfect if Victor didn't have to get up and go to train his only two students. The champion sat up and yawned. His head was aching from all the alcohol he had the night before and his body felt way too achy to do anything. For a moment Victor wonder if it was because he was getting old, but he quickly brushed away the unpleasant thought. Very slowly the man stood up, his yukata showed most of his bare flesh, including the places which were for 'private' show you, but Nikiforov felt no shame.
He ran his hand through his hair making a life time decision of finally getting ready and doing what he must.
When Victor reached the Ice Palace, Yuri and Yurio were always there practicing...arguing. Well, Yurio was the one arguing and Yuri simply stood there looking guilty. Victor watched them
:iconlunaaticc:LunaAticc 5 0
Mature content
Kink [Yuri Plisetsky x Jean Jacques Leroy] :iconlunaaticc:LunaAticc 1 0
Mature content
Agape [Yuri Plisetsky x Otabek Altin] :iconlunaaticc:LunaAticc 12 9
Mature content
Personal Assitant [Midorima Shintarou] P.3 :iconlunaaticc:LunaAticc 3 5
Personal Assitant [Midorima Shintarou] P.2
Midorima's POV
"Father I have no intention of marrying that girl," I argued feeling the frustration building up inside me.
"Your intentions have nothing to do with this marriage. This is business. Just put a signature on paper and live your life however you want." father yelled back. "I don't care how many women you have after, I need you to do this for the company. Just imagine the success, two leading companies uniting as their children get married."
"Father you are not listening to me. This will not happen."
"You will do as I say!" he hanged up. I turned around to look at today's lucky item. Honey badger stared back at me. Oha Asa did warn that I will have problems with an Aquarius today. Someone knocked on the door.
"Come in."
Asuka walked in with a file in her hands. She bowed lightly and waited for further instructions from me.
She looked remarkable. Slightly loose black trousers, green blouse which uncovered one of her shoulders to reveal a black bra strap, platform shoes
:iconlunaaticc:LunaAticc 4 1
Personal Assitant [Midorima Shintarou] P.1
Cheap Thrills [Midorima Shintarou x OC] for Shiranai Atsune
Warning: AU
The flash of the cameras blinded him but Midorima did not wince. He smiled accordingly and continued his way into the tall buildings. Fangirl screams, journalists' yells, security walking around him in a tight circle - Midorima Shintarou was used to it. He smirked and pushed his glasses higher up on his nose in an aristocratic manner. The door in front him swung open and what seemed like a red carpet was dropped to his feet.
"Midorima-sama, we were not expecting you for another hour." A balding fat man paced around him, trying not be left behind. He wiped his head and face with a white handkerchief and almost fell down when Midorima stopped abruptly.
"I was in the area. Are the candidates here?" he questioned
"Yes sir, they are all waiting in the waiting room." he replied.
"How many showed up?" Midorima ran his fingers through his flawless hair.
"One hundred and nine." the man replied proudly. "All ar
:iconlunaaticc:LunaAticc 2 1
Mature content
Extreme Behaviour (Haizaki Shogo) [3] :iconlunaaticc:LunaAticc 5 0
Love song for a Beast - Ch.7
Chapter Seven: Save me from myself
He walked around the hall pointlessly. The weather was terribly stormy. Since early morning thunder and lightning were shaking the sky. Hughes disappeared somewhere and all the maids were resting in the kitchen, since most of them had a day off today, in addition to the master of the house not being there. Gabriel looked at the paintings, at sculptures, at carpets and other rich decorations. They were all beautiful, but something about them made him feel like the one who chose them was full of despair. That thought didn’t leave him alone so he continued exploring wondering what made him think so.
*Must be the colours.* he thought. *All the colours are dark and gloomy. If it’s a painting, it is raining or storming, if it’s a carpet then it is every shade of dark colour, even the children on the statues seem like they are crying.*
Gabriel sighed and leaned on the wall next to a tall porcelain vase. *If I didn’t know better
:iconlunaaticc:LunaAticc 1 0
Extreme Behaviour (Haizaki Shogo) [2]
Chapter 2
Warm and stuffy library air hit her face, making her frozen cold cheeks hurt but she completely ignored the pain. Like a lunatic she walked to the book return section and automatically took out the books she wanted to return. It was past due date, but she did not seem in a rush, her mind was occupied. A mixture of feelings battled up inside her, wanting to be raged out. Someone nudged her wondering if she is finished.
"Yes, sorry," she stepped aside and made her way to the common area on the ground floor. She dropped her bag on one of the sofa in the group work section and got herself a drink from the wending machine.
*Who told him where to find me?* she continued biting her nails unconsciously. She took out her phone and dialled the first number in her recently used numbers. "Ryouta are you busy today?" she questioned forgetting all kinds of greetings.
"Hime-chii," Ryouta yawned. "It's only 10:30 am on Sunday, why are you even awake?"
"Ryouta, can we meet today
:iconlunaaticc:LunaAticc 2 0
Extreme Behaviour (Haizaki Shogo) [1]
Chapter 1
The weather was foul. It was freezing cold, but it wasn't raining or snowing. The mist was quickly spreading along the streets blurring her vision. She shivered snuggling into her large scarf. She hated the cold. Although she was wrapped up like salmon in an onigiri, she could still feel the cold biting her flesh. She made her way down the street to the bus stop. This winter was colder than she remembered the previous one to be, although that is what she thought every year. The girl yawned sweetly and got on the bus.
The ride from her house to the University was around 30 minutes and normally she enjoyed every moment of it, but not during the winter. She fixed the gloves on her hands and looked out of the window. Sunday mornings were always quiet. Barely any people, barely any cars outside. Everyone preferred to spend time in the warmth with their families, friends or simply enjoy their own company. These empty streets perfectly fit in with the melancholic weather.
:iconlunaaticc:LunaAticc 6 0
Bubble gum [Murasakibara x reader]
"Aright, next round," the photographer gestured to the crew and everyone rushed to their places. Murasakibara Atsushi looked gloomily at the cameras and pushed his long hair out of his face showing the world his gloomy but attractive face. "Atsushi, I want a look of passion on your face," yelled the photographer.
"Eh?" Atsushi raised his eyebrows lazily and glared. "I don't want to," he replied looking away pouting like a big baby.
Mr Yamada Shin twitched and clenched his fists. He turned around abruptly throwing his arms in the air and screaming something along the lines of "being unable to work in this kind of atmosphere with this kind of attitude". He ran towards a young female leaning on the wall and watching the whole scene. "[Your name]-san, reason with this delinquent. If we are not finished by tonight, the new issue of  XXX magazine will not come out tomorrow, and that will be a disaster. A BIG, BIG DISASTER!" he grabbed her shoulders and started shaking her violently.
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Garden flowers by LunaAticc Garden flowers :iconlunaaticc:LunaAticc 21 0 The bee by LunaAticc The bee :iconlunaaticc:LunaAticc 12 0 Sunflower by LunaAticc Sunflower :iconlunaaticc:LunaAticc 12 0 Sweet pea by LunaAticc Sweet pea :iconlunaaticc:LunaAticc 9 0 Reading by the lake by LunaAticc Reading by the lake :iconlunaaticc:LunaAticc 4 2
gif by Emoxynha .:Please Comment 01:. by Chipi-Chiu .:emm...:. by Chipi-Chiu
Hi guys, thank you for reading and supporting my artwork. I would very much appreciate your feedback and comments. Let me know what I can do better or where to concentrate. I am also always happy to hear about the kind of things you enjoy reading.

You can also find me on Wattpad: Lun_Atic
And lunaatic


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in the memory of my existence...i killed you inside myself.

«Loneliness is the price we have to pay for being born into this modern age, so full of freedom, independence, and our own egoistical selves.» ~ Natsume Soseki

«If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all: read a lot and write a lot.» ~ Stephen King

«"I love mankind, he said, "but I find to my amazement that the more I love mankind as a whole, the less I love man in particular".» ~ Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Lately with studies, and then job hunting and then finally working I've neglected my number one hobby, so this year I have set myself a realistic target which I am sure I will meet.

2017 Reading Challenge, in-progress: 6/35. Lets keep reading!

1. The Miniaturist - Jessie Burton
2. Dandelion Wine - Ray Bradbury
3. Journey to the Center of the Earth - Jules Verne
4. Around the world in eighty days - Jules Verne
5. Lullaby - Chuck Palahniuk
6. Gabriel Garcia Marquez - Of Love and Other Demons 


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